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Some of you may remember me from long ago.  I started my businesses as Hoyden Gear.  Before going to *NYFA* the New York Fashion Academy, I wanted to re-Invent clothing.  Long story short....  My friends learned I was into making leather gear.  So they commissioned me to make items for them.  My world then spun in a slightly different direction.
I became the “naughty” vendor at events.  I later opened my own retail Adult boutique called s n m Underworld.  My first wholesale account was thru Fantasies UNlimited and then Toys In Babeland.  I was approached by a traveling sales rep and in turn, had him add my line to what he carried.  With his help, Hoyden Gear was then found in over 125 other adult retail stores across the US, Canada and in London!
I lost my most beloved store around 2006.  And lost my domain name around 5-6 years ago.  Money....  It can be the root of all evil.  I have been keeping tabs on my love, Hoyden Gear.  I did all the SEO, websites and kept it to this day as the number 1 for google and other search engines.  Learned and taught by my self.  
I FINALLY just got Hoyden Gear back!  It’s taken 3 weeks to get the domain transferred back to me in the USA.  It’s had a passport adventure.  Sold to someone in Japan then in Canada and hosted in the UK.  I finally got her back......  
I’m starting her up again.  Keep tabs and send me a message on what you’d like to see / buy again!  Here’s to more fun.  Browse the next page to see what else I've been up to.

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